I once heard a motivational speaker say, "We can do anything if we are just motivated." How motivated are we? The most urgent thing we should be motivated to do is to Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness.

I read somewhere that motivation comes from action. Many of us sit around waiting to get motivated before we get started. If we sit and wait to get motivated, it may never happen. If we get started with what we need to do, the motivation will come. Much of our motivation to serve God comes from Bible Study, Prayer, our wonderful pastors, churches, and brothers and sisters in Christ (our support group). But for those of us who are separated from our churches, pastors, and support groups, it is more difficult. It's not impossible, but it is harder.

We must all seek to share our knowledge and faith with those around us, but we must love and serve others. If we truly want to serve and we earnestly pray for opportunities, God will provide them. Speaking to a coworker about how prayer got us through a difficult situation, accepting an invitation to a Bible study, or church social event. Fear often causes us to avoid situations with those who are different from us. We must take those opportunities to share God's love. Many people are searching. By sharing what we are so blessed to know, and with God working through us, we can make a difference. "Let's not hide our light under a bushel." Let's let it shine wherever we are.

Recently, I was talking to my daughter about this subject. We try to be motivated through the media ministry, prayer, and home Bible studies. She said the wisest thing to me, she said, "We must seek Gods Kingdom wherever we are, allowing our lives and actions to impact others. Things as simple as stopping to listen, loving people and sensing their needs and then trying to help them if they need help, even if we're really busy and have to go out of our way. Being a true servant is not an easy or convenient lifestyle.

I started to think, our actions do speak louder than our words. These actions are our works. If we have faith, we should have works. God expects us to be able to give an answer for the hope we have in us. We have studied the Bible, we have faith, we have repented, been obedient and have been baptized. Now let's get motivated and have works to witness, love, and serve wherever we are, whatever our situation. I don't believe God will accept any excuses. Just envision what we could do if we all were motivated every day to serve our God and bring honor and Glory to Him and his Son Jesus Christ in everything we say and do. We must pray that God will use us to serve others. Jesus is our example: Matt. 20:28 states: just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.


by Martha Ann Monroe