Spiritual Fitness

After my last visit with the doctor to go over my cholesterol test, I increased my workout regimen.  While I was on the treadmill, listening to one of Pastor Mike’s sermons from our podcast, the idea of spiritual fitness came to mind. Since then, I have drawn some correlations between physical fitness and spiritual fitness.

Capacity:  One of the first things that I learned as I started lifting weights is; the more you lift weights, the more weight you can lift.  Another way to say that is; the more you lift weights, the EASIER weights are to lift.  The same is true with our “spiritual fitness”.  The more I pray, the easier it is to pray; the more I give; the easier it is to give; the more I encourage, the easier it is to encourage; and so on.  As I put into practice what I believe, I have more confidence in what I am doing because I see the magnification by the Holy Spirit. I can see my “spiritual muscles” grow.

Muscle Memory:  A reoccurring theme that I noticed in weight training and martial arts training is “muscle memory”.  In martial arts training, we would practice a fighting move over and over. …over and over. …over and over. We would practice a basic move so often I could do it in my sleep. ...and that was the point!  In the heat of the moment, you don’t have time to think, just do.  The same should be true with our “spiritual fitness”.  We shouldn’t have to think IF we should pray about something, we should do it by reflex.  When we see a need,  first reaction should be to fill it.

Physical fitness and spiritual fitness have one other thing in common. They both require our initiative to start the training.