...the political divide

Well it is the beginning of a new church year so I thought I’d kick it off with a new eDevotion and the first one that I’ve written.

The political race is now in full swing with all of its trappings: speeches full of lies, half truths and mud slinging. To top it off, the television commentators think it’s their job to throw fuel to the fire. This year I’ve discovered something that puts it into a better perspective. It’s a famous phrase that I ran into few months ago. I don’t know who originally said it or I’d give them credit but I find it profound: “…always remember that Christ died for those on the other side of the political divide”. Think about that the next time ‘the other side’ is having a big rally with a bunch of he said, she said with some mud in your eye. Christ loves that person as much as he loves you. I find that it cools my blood just a bit to remember that no matter how misguided I think their views, Christ died to give them the same chance for grace as he did for you and me. With this crazy election season upon us, it’s good to know that Christ’s blood can even cover politics.