Welcome to Guthrie Grove Church of God; it’s our prayer that your faith will be strengthened as a result of worship today.  Psalm 13:6 states, “I will sing to the LORD, for he has been good to me.”

We Gather in the Presence of the Lord

Musicians ~
Joyce Williams (Organist)
Susan Durham (Pianist),
Joe James (Song Leader)

Welcome/Concerns and Celebrations of the Congregation ~

Opening Song ~
Hymn #184
The Lily of the Valley
Opening Prayer ~

Receiving of Tithes and offerings ~
Song ~
I Love You Lord
I love You, Lord,
and I lift my voice to worship You
O my soul rejoice.
Take joy, my King
in what You hear
May it be a sweet, sweet sound
in Your ear.
I Love You Lord by Rich Cook
1992 RCM Enterprises

Scripture Reading ~
John 13:1-17

Song ~
Hymn #332
Joy in Serving Jesus

An Offering in Song ~

Morning Message ~
The Diakonos

Closing Song ~
Hymn #336
Make Me a Blessing

Closing Prayer ~

Depart to Show and Share Your Faith ~

Looking Ahead:
Feb 17: Evening Service- 6 pm/NO Higher Ground Youth (Due to Ski Retreat)
Feb 20: Bible Study for all ages/BYF- 7 pm
Feb 26: Sister’s Act meets at the church (6:30 pm)
Mar 01: Tentative trip to see the Greenville Road Warriors (Hockey); see Pastor Jim if interested in this 7 pm event
Mar 02: Carolina Conference Board meets (Ryan’s of Asheville)
Mar 10: Afternoon wedding shower at the church (In honor of Carly Smith)
Mar 16: AnMed Blood Drive at Guthrie Grove (7 am- noon)
Mar 17: Carolina Conference Business Mtg./Fellowship at Bethel (3:30 pm)
Mar 21-24: ABC-I (Atlanta Bible College Invitational)
Mar 31: Easter (Resurrection) Sunday
Apr 06: Cooper River Bridge Run- register NOW!
Apr 07-12: CWS in Gatlinburg, TN
Apr 26-28: Women’s Retreat (More details to follow-Guthrie Grove is in charge of this year’s annual retreat)
Jun 20-06: Vacation Bible School at Guthrie Grove
Jul 10-12: Annual Church of God General Conference (At Guthrie Grove)

Prayer Concerns:
Scott Hughes, Chris Picklesimer, Janice Garrett, Ruby Kay, Tootsie Lanford, Joan McKee, Alva Huffer, Earl & Margaret, Jerry Trotter & Peggy Bohanan, Lois Wells, Steve Heatherly, Clara Pate, Tony/Runette Childers, Denise Klaus, Rachel Hood, Donna Roper, Margaret Weisner, Dick & Jr. Davis, Harold & Betty Davis, Mary Ann & Harold Durham, Bill & Joan Jameson, Bill Simpson, Kathy Martin, Jane Chastain, Mabel Campbell, Ronnie Stone, Bill Pierce, Michael Cunningham, Beth Shirley, Jamie Davis, Steve/Terry Ferrell, Estleen Parsons, Wilola Stargel, Jimmy Thompson, Sonny/Diane Cooley, Hugh/Mary Harman, Violet Tesreau, B.J. & Peggy Durham, Nancy/Lowell Holt, Becky Metcalf, Gerald Hiles’ mother, Eli Wibel, Susan Collier, Claude Watson (Back to Myrtle Beach), John Evans, Dot Spearman (Rehab), Jim Mattison, Jane Jameson, Marc’s friend Richard (Wife w/cancer), Jim Christopher, Bobby Partain’s sister Nell, Bradshaw Family, Franklin Roberts (GMH), Jackie Gardo, Shelley Baeur (Fae’s friend w/Breast Cancer), Jake White, Nancy Young, Don/Evelyn Roper, Frances/Walter Young, Lisa Huffer, David/Judy Sloan (Sinus), our silent requests, travelers, the bereaved, Troops, Country and the Coming of Christ

Today: Jason Lanford/Chris James
Next week: B. Alcumbrack/Carol James

Nursery worker(s):
Today: Linda Smith
Next week: Brandon/Lindsay Fricks


  • Joey Martin
  • Mickey Durham
  • Joan McKee
  • Patsy Burris
  • Sarah Hood
  • Alta Saylors
  • Grant Alcumbrack
  • Thel Pack

Joey and Jennifer Martin became parents of baby girl Eliana Bleu last week. Congrats to all!

Ski Retreat:
Pastors Mike & Jim are among those attending this weekend’s Carolina Conf. Ski Retreat. We appreciate Bob Alcumbrack bringing the morning message in Mike’s absence. A large # of youth & chaperones are in attendance; 2 vans departed from the church Fri. afternoon & are expected back mid-to-late afternoon today.

Winter Jam:
Thanks to Marc and Anita Naumoff for serving as chaperones to our youth who attended the recent Winter Jam at the BiLo Center.

Student "Adoption":
Glennis Walters has announced that Guthrie Grove is adopting ABC student Paige Montgomery during the month of February.  See Glennis for more info; the idea is to send cards, notes, little gifts, prayers etc. along the way.

Christian Workers Seminar:
40th annual Christian Workers Seminar is fast approaching! Registration forms are forthcoming…you may also register at 1-800.347.4261 or info@abc-coggc.org. Guthrie Grove pays ¼ of the 4-to-a room tuition rate; the Carolina Conference also pays a portion of your tuition.

General Conference 2013:
If you are interested in serving as a 2013 General Conference Delegate, please contact Joe James or one of the pastors. Business sessions are held during the day.  

Adelle Chandler Group:
The Adelle Chandler Ladies Group enjoyed their meeting at Mollie White’s home this past Tues. evening.  All ladies of the church are invited to attend the monthly Adelle Chandler and/or Sister’s Act meetings.

Talent Show:
Congratulations to Codie Sloan upon placing first in the recent Wren High School Talent Show. Codie played both the banjo and the piano to beat out 20-25 other deserving competitors.

A Little Humor:
When my 2 girls were small, they were taught how to say the blessing before eating their meal. 1 night as I busily scurried around the kitchen, I told them to say their blessings without me.  I took a moment to watch them as they squeezed their eyes tightly shut over folded hands.  As my 4-year-old finished, her younger sister kept on praying.  Another minute or 2 passed before she lifted her head, looked at her plate, and in an indignant voice said, “Hey! My peas are still here!”
Sister’s Act:
Come celebrate a belated Valentine’s Day on Tues., Feb. 26 at 6:30 pm.  Bring an Italian dish to share (If you prefer to bring a salad instead, see Jenny Durham); also bring a card or note in order to exchange an anonymous (love) letter with a sister.