Welcome to Guthrie Grove Church of God; we're glad that you are here. Each day is special: a gift from God and a day in which to rejoice: but today is very special. We celebrate the good news of Jesus' resurrection. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay. (Matt. 28:6)

We Gather in the Presence of the Lord
Joyce Williams (Organist)
Susan Durham (Pianist)
Joe James (Song Leader)

Welcome/Concerns and Celebrations of the Congregation ~

Call to Worship ~
Hymn #145
He Rose Triumphantly


We Worship Through Giving
(Joyfully Receiving the Lord's Tithes and Our Offerings)

Lifting Our Voices in Song ~
Hymn #148
Christ Arose

Guthrie Grove Choir ~
I Will Rise (Arranged and orchestrated by Mike Speck, Cliff Duren, Wayne Haun, Chris McDonald & Stan Whitmire)

Easter Devotional ~
Pastor Mike

Closing Song ~
(To be announced)


Depart to show & share your faith in our Risen Lord, Savior and coming King!

Looking Ahead:
Mar 31: Resurrection Sunday ~ "He is risen...He is risen indeed!" (Egg Hunt for our young children during S. School; 6 pm Communion Service)
Apr 07: 80th birthday party for Bobby Partain: 6 pm (no presents-your presence only)
Apr 07-12: CWS in Gatlinburg, TN (Forms on the entryway table)
Apr 10: Bible Study for all ages/BYF: 7 pm
Apr 13: Community Clean-up Day around church (Join the youth/show your pride)
Apr 14: Youth Skating Party (2-4:30 pm at the Skate Place-pizza/beverages served)
Apr 26-28: Women's Retreat (Bonclarken Christian Conf. Ctr., Flat Rock, NC)
May 02-05: Theological Conference, Simpsonwood Conference Ctr., Norcross, GA
May 03: North Anderson Relay for Life: Wren High School: Join Team G' Grove!
Jun 02-06: Vacation Bible School at Guthrie Grove
Jun 16-21: Southeast Youth Camp, Advent Christian Campground, Blowing Rock
Jul 10-12: Annual Church of God General Conference (At Guthrie Grove)
Jul 21-26: FUEL (Manchester College, North Manchester, IN)

Prayer Concern:
Scott Hughes, Chris Picklesimer, Janice Garrett, Ruby Kay, Tootsie Lanford, Joan McKee, Alva Huffer, Earl & Margaret, Jerry Trotter & Peggy Bohanan, Lois Wells, Steve Heatherly, Clara Pate, Tony/Runette Childers, Denise Klaus, Rachel Hood, Donna Roper, Margaret Weisner, Dick & Jr. Davis, Harold/Betty Davis, Mary Ann Durham, Jameson Family, Bill Simpson, Kathy Martin, Jane A. Chastain, Mabel Campbell, Ron Stone, Michael Cunningham, Beth Shirley, Jamie Davis, T.M. Ferrell, Estleen Parsons, Wilola Stargel, Jimmy Thompson, Sonny/Diane Cooley, Hugh/Mary Harman, Violet Tesreau, Lowell/Nancy Holt, Becky Metcalf, Eli Wibel, Susan Collier, Claude Watson, John Evans, Dot Spearman, Alexandria Herd, Jim/Johnny                Mattison, Jim Christopher, Franklin Roberts, Lisa Huffer, Shelley Baeur, Nancy Young, Susan Williams, Emmie L. Chandler (Surgery 04/10), Mark Lippert, Gerald Picklesimer, the wife of Evan Hall's boss (Cancer), Billy Joe/Peggy Durham, Junior Farr, Milton Pack, Cetta (Kenny Walters' mom), Chris Hodge (Surgery-04/29), Lora Porter's sister (ALS), Nedra Hellenburg (Fair Oaks, VA), Ruth Mayberry (Jamie Partain's grandmother), Michael Seigler, Hunter Kelly, Billie Green's daughter in TX, Carly & Evan's upcoming wedding, Jimmy Stone, our silent requests, travelers (Cooper R. Bridge Run/CW Seminar participants/those on Spring Break, etc.)

Today: Jason Lanford/C. McAlister
Next Week: Bob A./Donna R.

Today: Linda Smith
Next week: Brandon/Lindsay Fricks

Son Rise Service:
Thanks to all who helped out w/this morning's Son Rise Service. We especially appreciate Bethel's hospitality, Pastor Ed Bender's message of hope and Aaron Winner's leadership with praise and worship, congregational singing, etc.


  • Anita Naumoff
  • Cate Meunier
  • Craig Davenport
  • Tez Haynes
  • Imogene Johnson
  • Bill Harbin
  • Kellie Lanford
  • Frances Young

Wedding Anniversaries:

  • Bobby & Fae Smith
  • Dan & Joyce Burris
  • Johnny & Cindy Durham
  • Joey & Jennifer Martin

Mrs. Harrison Stone
We've learned that Thompson & Catherine's Aunt Pearl (Mrs. Harrison Stone) fell asleep in death recently; we extend our sincere sympathy to all the family.

Women's Retreat:
Today is the deadline; let Myra know if you're attending the Women's Retreat.

Marching for Missions:
Thanks to all who helped the Sunday School exceed their Marching for Missions goal of $600 (For local food pantry). The upcoming skating party is in celebration of this contest.

Sunday School:
You've heard, the early bird gets the worm. Starting Apr14 (And thru the remainder of the month) if you're here before the Sunday School bell rings at 10:00, stop by the kitchen and early bird will get a breakfast snack!

Summer Mission Trips:
Paige Montgomery & Levi Walters will be participating in summer mission trips (Haiti/Honduras). Please pray for their ministries; stay tuned for further details.
The corrected address of where to send contributions for Paige is as follows:
Christy Ross
Jaynes St. Church of God
7534 Jaynes St.
Omaha, NE 68134.

Clemones - Hamlett:
Justin Cole Clemones (Son of Nancy & Jimmy) & Ashley Marie Hamlett were married on Sat., Mar 30 at Magnolia Manor, Westminster, SC. The couple will be living in Liberty. Congrats, & God's blessing during this special time in your lives!

50th Anniversary:
Congratulations also to Dean & Pat Smith; their recent wedding anniversary was their 50th (Golden) Anniversary.

Twilight 5K
Evan & Emily Hall ran the recent Twilight 5K (Charlotte Motor Speedway); way to go!

Shoe Drive:
The youth are sponsoring a Shoe Drive during "Mar for Missions". Used/new shoes (Collected in the Youth Room) will be sent to orphans.

Community Cleanup Day:
On Apr 13, the youth invite all to join them in a Community Cleanup Day around the church.

Nursery/Toddler Class:
Speak to Jenny Durham or Jamie Partain if interested in being part of a weekly rotational schedule for a new Wed. night Nursery/Toddler Class to begin Apr 3rd.

Quizzing practice will soon begin (Material is Matt. 23-26:16); see Sarah Franco.

Country-Boy Preacher:
Copies of Jim Mattison's The Life of a Country-Boy Preacher are available-$10 each.

Mike Mattison:
Jim's son Mike (LA) will be staying w/Jim for a few days following CWS. Contact him (947-6692) if you wish to have your piano professionally tuned.

Be so full of Christ that when a mosquito bites you, he flies away singing, "There's power in the blood!"

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