We welcome you to Guthrie Grove Church of God.  May your hearts be encouraged as a result of our corporate worship, and may you leave anxious to encourage others with the love of God and of Jesus.

We Gather in the presence of the Lord
Susan Durham (Pianist)
Joyce Williams (Organist)
Joe James (Song leader)

Welcome/Concerns and Celebrations of the Congregation

Call to Worship ~
Hymn #275
Keep on Praying

Invocation ~

We Worship Through Giving
(Joyfully Receiving the Lord’s Tithes and Our Offerings)

We Lift our Voices in Song ~
Hymn #436
We Have an Anchor

The Name of the Lord (Used with permission- CCLI #279191)
1. Blessed be the name of the Lord, Blessed be the name of the Lord;
Blessed be the name of the Lord Most High! (Repeat)

2. Glory to the name of the Lord
3. Holy is the name of the Lord

An Offering in Song ~

Morning Message ~

Closing Song ~
To be announced

Looking Ahead:
Aug 17: 4:30 G’ Grove Board Mtg.; 6:00 Congregational Mtg. (Fellowship Hall)
Aug 20: Mid-week Bible study for all ages/BYF- 7 pm
Aug 24: (NEXT Sunday)- Promotion Sunday (Sunday School) at Guthrie Grove
Aug 24: Bethel hosts the summer Carolina Conference Business Mtg. (3:30 pm)
Sep 01: Labor Day 2014
Sep 07: First Sunday (Joint classes for our Sunday School youth)
Sep 21: Sunday School Picnic at Guthrie Grove (More details to follow)
Sep ??: Apple-picking in Henderson County, NC (Stay tuned for details)

Prayer Concerns:
Janice Garrett, Tootsie Lanford, Earl Elwell, Jerry Stargel’s sister and brother-in-law (Joan and Charles Smith), Lois Wells, Steve Heatherly, Runette Childers, Denise Klaus, Donna Roper, Betty Davis, Margaret Weisner, Junior Davis, Bill Simpson, Paul/Kathy Martin, Jamie Davis, Violet Tesreau, Mabel Campbell, Jim Christopher, Chad Spratt, Lindsay Motley, Ron Alberson, Craig Farr’s friend-Christopher, Henry/Marion Sims, Tom New, Jerry/Wilola Stargel, Peggy Winner’s dad/step-mom, Dot Stephens,Roy Davenport, Kathy Hood, Peggy Durham, Kelley Clardy, Nancy Holt, Micah Traynham, Jayne Hicks, John Evans (Cory’s dad), Ralph Brown, Kyle Tesreau (Afghanistan), Joe Jacklin, Logan McAlister, Vonnie Thomason, Holly’s friend’s 11 yr. old (Heart), Pat Smith’s cousin’s son- David Fitzpatrick (Leukemia), Peggy Bohanan & her sister (June Holiday), Pastor Dave Cheatwood (Double knee replacement), Gerri Shaull (Jim’s mother), Holly’s friend’s 2 yr. old son-Juvenile Diabetes, Johnny Stone, Jimmy Caps (Bruised but not seriously hurt from auto accident), the bereaved (Including Pastor Joe Astolfi’s family and the family of Irene Clevenger- Anne Pack’s aunt), our silent requests, students/teachers returning to the classroom, travelers, World unrest, our Troops and Country

Eugene Grant/George Jordan
Next week: Bobby Partain/Catherine McAlister

Sela Ballard
Wayne Picklesimer
Chris Picklesimer
Annette Stanley
Ryder Partain
Elaine Seigler
Joyce Williams
Kali Barnett
Kenny Walters
Lila Lanford
Marshall Alcumbrack
Rhiannon Winner
Vonnie Thomason

Matt & Shera Morella
Jim & Martha Monroe

Kmicieks in Omaha:
Jack and Paige Kmiciek are getting settled into their new life together in Omaha; thanks for continued prayers during this time of transition.  Their new address is 5407 N. 133rd Plaza #305, Omaha, NE  68164.

Congregational Meeting:
The 6 pm congregational meeting tonight is for the purpose of continuing discussion, and hearing feedback from the Board regarding suggestions made at the various host homes earlier this year.  All are invited & encouraged to attend.

College Students:
Ashlynn Jordan will be teaching a new Sunday School class beginning Sunday morning, Sep 7th.  Make plans to attend this inspiring class based on Systematic Theology but with practical, relevant application. See Ashlynn for more details.

King and Country:
You may be interested in an upcoming concert on Thurs., Nov. 6 at First Presbyterian Church Greenville.  The Christian Pop duo, for King and Country (Brothers Joel & Luke Smallbone) will perform at 7 pm.  Group tickets (10 or more) are $17; tickets are available at www.hisradio.com

ABC Online:
Did you know that Joshua Smith has enrolled in several on-line classes from Atlanta Bible College?  We’re proud of you Josh, and pray for God’s guidance as you seek to do His will and fulfill His plan for your life.

Advanced Degrees:
Greg Smith and Jake Ballard are also looking to further their education, earning advanced degrees. Keep these 2 young men in prayers as they make application for course work.

Back to Church Sunday:
Stay tuned for details about a future Each One Reach One Sunday to occur in September.  In conjunction with National Back to Church Sunday, this special event will be an opportunity for us all to invite family & friends to “come back home to Guthrie Grove.”  September is back-to-school time and also a time many people think about going back to church, or trying out a church for the 1st time.  Who can you reach out and invite to attend this special late-Sept. service?

“Thanks again for your generous donation.  Your financial contributions were greatly appreciated, but also your prayers &wonderful hospitality in letting us use your church.  Thank you so much for all you did!”  The UP Project
“We appreciate the beautiful flower in memory of our mother.  She had many wonderful friends at Guthrie Grove Church of God.  She was always ready to go and serve at any time- from youth camps, women’s retreats and conferences.  Mother loved to visit.  We look for her hope for Christ to return soon. God’s blessings to you all.” (The Verlie Duncan Family)