August 26, 2012 ~

Welcome to Guthrie Grove Church of God; we're glad that you are here. We pray that your faith will grow stronger as a result of our corporate worship and that you'll leave whispering with gratitude, "Surely it has been good to be in the House of the Lord."

We Gather in the Presence of the Lord
Prelude ~
Joyce Williams (Organ)
Susan Durham (Piano)

Welcome/Concerns & Celebrations of the Congregation ~

Call to Worship ~
Hymn #309
Precious Jesus, Don't Forget

Invocation ~

Receiving of Tithes and Offerings ~
Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. (2 Cor. 9:7)

A Musical Special ~
Phyllis Davis on the Dulcimer

We Lift Our Voices in Song ~
Beautiful Days (See bulletin insert)

Morning Message ~
Pastor Scott Ross

Closing Hymn ~
Hymn #502
Changed in the Twinkling of an Eye

Benediction ~
Looking Ahead:
Today (Thru Thursday evening): Special Meetings with Pastor Scott Ross begin
Aug 26: Carry-in Luncheon following morning worship (Meat & drinks provided); Please stay after church and enjoy a meal and time of fellowship together
Aug 26: Evening Service with Pastor Scott at 7 pm(Refreshments to follow)
Sep 05 (And each Wed. of the month): Bible Study for all ages/BYF meets at 7 pm
Sep 09: Promotion Sunday for our Sunday School program
Sep 16: Annual Sunday School Picnic
Sep 22: AnMed Blood Drive at Guthrie Grove (7 am to noon; breakfast provided)
Sep 28-30: Fall Youth Retreat (Blowing Rock, NC)

Prayer Concerns:
Lucille Peden, Scott Hughes, Chris Picklesimer, Tootsie Lanford, Ruby Kay,Janice Garrett, Joan McKee, Lawrence/Shirley Anderson, Alva Huffer, Earl/Margaret Elwell, Jerry Trotter/Peggy Bohannon, Karen Dalton, Jim Christopher,Steve Heatherly, Clara Pate, Denise Klaus, Joan Adams, John Evans, Rachel Hood, Dot Stephens, Tony/Runette Childers, Donna Roper, Norman Adams Margaret Weisner, Dick/Junior Davis, Joe/Bobbie Pack, Harold/Betty Davis,Lois Wells, Denise Elwell, Jim/Johnny Mattison, Mary Ann Durham, Gary Smith's niece's husband, Donny Seigler, Peggy Durham, Joan/Bill Jameson,Bill Simpson, Pat Smith's sister, Heather Hooper, Jane Chastain, Kathy Martin, Mabel Campbell, Mike Barton, Ronnie Stone, Judy Sloan, Allen Skelton, Bill Pierce, Andrea McMinn's brother, Marlane Cooper, Jayne Hicks, Michael Cunningham, George Martin (Outpatient surgery tomorrow), Jerry Brown, Curt Masters, Gary Smith, Gerald Picklesimer, Doyle Martin (Knee replacement),Harry McMinn, Pastor Mike's mom (Violet Tesreau: Stockhoff Memorial Nursing Ctr., 611 W. Main St., Fredericktown, MO 63645), Estleen Parsons, Beth Shirley,Ivery Alexis (Formerly of Grand Rapids, MI), Pastor Steve (And Joyce) Bolhous (Welland, Ontario), Holly's mother (Libby Welch), Jamie Davis (GMH), Lori Moss & family (Upon the death of her grandmother), Jimmy Thompson (Leon Paxton's friend) and Chris James' friend's niece (4-month old w/heart surgery)

Pastor Mike has been approved for/will be receiving a hearing aid soon

Offering Counters:
Today: Bobby Partain/Catherine McAlister
Next Week: Mike W. Smith/Donna Roper

Nursery Workers:
Today: Jonathan/Amy
Next Week: Linda Smith


  • Harold Davis
  • Amy York
  • Greg Smith
  • Alexandria Martin
  • Eli Lanford
  • Gerald Ausburn
  • Johnnie Lanford
  • Mike Wilson
  • Zack Elwell
  • Cayce Ballard
  • Bill White Jr.
  • George Jordan

Welcome Back:
Welcome home Pastor Jim, Cory & Jamie from your 3 week European vacation. We're glad for your safe arrival & are anxious to hear about your experiences.

We welcome Pastor Scott & Gayle Ross to South Carolina and to Guthrie Grove! Scott has served as Special Meeting Guest Speaker on a number of occasions and we're always blessed by his messages and his warm and caring personality. Scott is a 1968 graduate of Oregon Bible College and has recently retired after serving the Jaynes Street Church in Omaha for 35 years. On behalf of the General Conference Scott is currently involved with ministry to isolated members. He and Gayle have been married 45 years & have three children & six grandchildren.

SM-1202 Starts:
Special Meetings 2012 is finally here! Please make plans to attend our 7 pm evening services (Thru Thursday night, Aug 30th). Invite your family and friends to join you. Thanks to Ashley Hall for coordinating the nursery worker schedule (Age 5 and under) and to Rebecca Dauksas for being in charge of the Children's Church which will be dismissed from the sanctuary following each evening's special music. Weather permitting Children's Church will spend time outside, so dress accordingly.

SM-2012 Refreshments:
We appreciate Sister's Act for providing chips and dip on Tuesday evening,and Thompson/John David for getting the watermelon for Wednesday night. If convenient we ask that the rest of you help out with Monday and Thursday evening refreshments (Sandwiches/finger foods & veggies/dip/fruit respectively).

Evening Meals with Pastor Scott:
We appreciate those who volunteered to host Scott and Gayle for an evening meal this week; keep in mind that Scott practices a heart-healthy eating regime.

Brown Bag Bible Studies:
Don't forget that Pastor Ross will hold "Brown Bag Bible Studies" each day (Monday thru Thursday) at 12 noon in the Fellowship Hall.

Craig Farr:
Congratulations to Craig Farr upon placing third in his age category at last weekend's Springmaid Splash10 K Adventure Run in Spruce Pine, NC.

Pay Day:
"Have you ever had a job, babysitting, grass-cutting or any joy? Did your boss tell you when to come to work, when to take a break, what you would be paid, what to do and how to dress, etc.? GOD has given us a job: He didn't tell us when to work: what to wear, or if attending church one day a week was enough. He did say to go into all the world and preach the Gospel; love thy neighbor as thyself; believe and be baptized; do not kill or steal, etc. He did say return unto Him what is His. When Jesus returns to establish the Kingdom,you will be paid with eternal life or fire." (By C. David Martin)

A Little Humor:
John lived across the river from his backwoods neighbor, Clarence,and the two feuded constantly. They never missed a chance to throw rocks and yell insults over the water. One day the Army Corp of Engineers came to build a bridge. John was elated and told his wife he was finally going to get his hands on Clarence! When the bridge was finished, John headed off, but returned a few minutes later. "I never realized how big that guy is," John said sheepishly to his wife. "I headed for the bridge, and then I saw the sign: ‘Clarence: 8 feet, 4 inches.'"