2011-09-13 Time To Build

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1 Corinthians 3:16-23
Matthew 16:16-18

Pastor John shows that Paul tells us that we need to become foolish in the eyes of the world. The world doesn't understand eternal life, eternal death, virgin birth or resurrection and as such they will think that you are foolish. Pastor John goes on to show us why we must build each other up and not to tear each other down.


Guthrie Grove
Church of God of the Abrahamic Faith
Sermon from 2011-09-13
Time to Build

John Wincapaw:  All right tonight we're going to wrap up First Corinthians Three.  So, that means we're still there, so you can go and open your bibles back up.  Hopefully your marker is moved because you jumped into the bible this morning and gave it a good read.  For those of you who maybe missed some or like me got a short memory we're going to do a really quick update.  We started off and in the beginning of First Corinthians Three Sunday morning and we looked at Paul telling, this church, the one that he established, the one that he started, that, okay, you guys have been doing this for six years now and you're doing it wrong, you should be doing better, you need to grow up, you need to get moving, you need to keep growing, and you start being able to the point where you can start doing more and not still needing the spiritual milk, you need to start moving on to bigger and better things, and then he goes on a little bit further and he said, you guys need a quit bickering, quit finding problems, you guys need to quit, you need to quit worrying about Apollos and Paul, they're just servants just like you, you are called to be servants.  And then he moved away from the gardening and things of that and when yesterday we talked about Paul and Apollos and the end of them and he told them that they need to get their life straight and they need to start building, they need to start building and they need to start putting their life in order and they need to have that foundation of Jesus Christ.  And so right after he gets things going and he's telling them these things, and he's telling them how they needed to get started, he then just assumes from that point forward you're going to start doing it.  It's time, I've given you enough time to grow, it's time for you realize what's going on, he's stern, he's frank, but he is assuming that when they get this message, they're going to take heed and they're going to start doing what he's talking about.  He is just going to assume that.  And so, today's message and this little bit here going from 16 down to the end of the chapter, I picked out a couple warning signs that he throws out to these people that are going to start going into work and start going into action and there is some things, he wants them to take note off, to make sure that when they go into their ministry and they go on to this world and he's telling that they…  You know in past it can't be worldly, they need to kind of have a spiritual sense, they need to have Christ as their foundation and they need to go out, but before they do so they need to have a couple of things in mind, and so he gives them some warning signs.  So if you're with me here in First Corinthians Three look at verse 16, don’t you know that you yourselves are God's temple, and that God's spirit lives in you.  So, he's going back to idea that you God’s building.  God's spirit lives in you, in verse 17, if any one destroys God's temple, God will destroy him.  This is big language.  This is serious stuff.  God will destroy him.  Wow.  Going on for God's temple is sacred.  And you are that temple, you, power of God is in you.  Verse18 do not deceive yourselves, if any one of you thinks he is wise by the standards of this age, he should become a fool.  So, that he may become wise, for the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God's sight.  As it is written, he catches, he catches the wise in their craftiness and again the Lord knows that the thoughts of the wise are futile, so then no more boasting about men.  All things are yours, whether Paul or Apollos or Shepis or the world or life or death or the present or the future, all are yours.  And you are of Christ and Christ is of God. 

So I'm reading through here and I picked up three things, three warning signs as he's dismissed in these folks to go and he's telling them, it's time for you to be kingdom workers.  It's time for you to go out and start doing things and he's assuming they're going to go out and do it, but he wants to, he wants to give them a little advice and he wants to warn them of what's going to happen and I found an illustration that I thought was kind of funny, if you don’t think it's funny laugh anyway it makes me feel good.  And so, there is two preachers standing on the side of the road each holding a sign, now before we get too far, the only time I've ever seen it is when I visited Washington DC, but how many of you ever seen those preachers that just get on the side of the road or they get out in somewhere and they're holding up these crazy signs, they're like, some kind of like the end is near, you need to straighten your life.  Any ways that's what these guys are.  They're holding a sign and they’re on the side of the road and one man is holding a sign that says the end is near, the road you're on leads to destruction.  And the other preacher is holding a sign that says turn around before it's too late.  So, as the car goes by, the driver leans out his window and yells, leave people alone you religious, nuts.  From the curve they heard screeching tires and a big splash shaking their heads, they looked at each other and one noted that's the third one today.  Yeah, the other one agrees, don't you think the sign to maybe just say the bridge is out? 

Now I don't know if you're really laughing or if you're just laughing because I told you to.  But, thanks any way.  Now how many of you, okay, trying to switch back over to serious, how many of you have ever seen a road sign that said something along the lines of, the road is out or something and another, what happens if you decide to go ahead and listen, not listen to what the sign says, if you don't take the advice of someone that put that sign there, you got to assume that they put it there for a reason, what do you put yourself in danger of?  Problems, you give warnings out to people because you want, you have their best interests in mind and that's what Paul does here.  He has got these people's best interest at mind and he gives them some warnings and he's hoping they take heed, he’s hoping that they listen to him and so the same things that he told them, I want to go over today with you.  And if you don't take heed, you're headed for a crash.  So, I said, there is three things, three warning that I picked up, that I want to see, you probably could pick out a couple more, but starting in verse 16 and 17, do you not, or don't you know that you, yourselves are God's temple and the God's spirit lives in you and if anyone destroys God's temple, God will destroy him, for God's temple is sacred.  And so, he just gets done talking about this building and we talked about the wise builder and the foolish builder and we were given the responsibility to build, he tells you that we're suppose to build and we're suppose to build with the right materials, our job is to build up, not tear down.  We've been given the mission to build, not tear down.  Now I don't know how many of you you've ever uses a sledgehammer.  At first it's kind of fun, after a while it gets a little bit of work and it's not quite so fun.  But it's so much easier to go to a wall and take a sledgehammer to it and put a hole and tear it down and make a big mess, than it is to put the wall up isn't it.  And apparently, I think, it's fun, but I was asking Aaron and Wally back there what the name of the guy was that smashes the, the watermelons.  And then they said it’s Gallagher.  Apparently he makes some good many going around and smashing things, because people like it's fun to smash, it's fun to tear down, it's fun to break, it's easy, but reality when it's coming to the church, when it's talking about God's building, when it's talking about us as individuals, when we're suppose to be building ourselves, and we also would give the idea that we're suppose to build each other up.  If I am God's building and you are God's building, if I tear you down am I not tearing down God's building?  It gives the warning sign here.  We are to build, as we build our lives, once we get our lives kind of go and building and the right, going in the right direction, it's then our responsibility to go out and start helping other people build up.  Not tear down and here he's already going through these, these people that are bickering and fighting with each other and he's trying to get it through their head and you know he starts to kind of reiterate some points.  And if he says that more than ones, you got to assume it's there for a reason.  I mean, although, it gets a little redundant, you heard me say the same things two nights ago, but Paul said it twice.  I'll say it twice and it's important that we work together and we're aiming to build each other up, not tear each other down.  So, much easier to pull people down, it's easy to say a bad word about someone.  It's easy to gossip and share things that may or may not be true.  It's easy to call names, to get frustrated and do things that you'll later regret.  But, our job, our mission is to be builders, not destruction crew.  So, as we aim to build up, as we aim to build up, we got to do it and we got to do it right?  Because just like, today we have got people out there that are trying to do things and trying to tear people down and there is people out there that are trying to spread false, false truths, which I guess can't even be right.  Because they're sending false doctrines and he just got done telling them about laying the foundation on the right track right.  He have us the one right foundation.  Why was the one foundation?  One person listened last night, go ahead, what's the foundation.  Three, four, look you're going and tell everyone who gets there, because we think this is a big point.  What's the foundation? That's better.  Jesus Christ is the foundation.

Flip over to Matthew 16.  Matthew 16, here Paul or, Jesus is speaking to Peter, my pages are sticking together.  Here we go.  Matthew 16, and you look at verse 18, we'll, yeah, we'll start in 17 and we'll go a little further.  Jesus asked what about you, who do you say that I am and he's asking peter, who do you say that I am, I'm not worried about what all these other people think or say, who do you say that I am, 16 Simon and Peter answered, you are the Christ, the son of the living God.  Jesus replied, blessed are you, Simon son of Jonathan, that this was not revealed to you by man, but my father in heaven.  And I tell you that you are Peter.  I tell you that on this rock, I will build my Church and the gates of Hades will not over come and I'll give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, whether you bind on earth or will be bound in heaven and whatever if you lose on earth will be loosed heaven.

On this rock, Jesus Christ, the son of the living God, the foundation, the one foundation that we are called to build upon, not tear down, not tear down in the things that you say, and the things that you do be careful. Be careful.  Think about the things that you're going to say.  Think about the things that you're going to do and make sure that you're putting a positive spin, as you're putting a positive light on people, not a negative, because we're called to build not to tear down.  All right flip back over to First Corinthians Three.  I didn't give you warning this time because we've done this enough.  First Corinthians Three, verse 18 this time.  Do not deceive yourselves.  If any one of you thinks he is wise by the standards of this age, he should become a fool so that he may become wise, for the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God's sight.  There is a lot of people out there that think they're pretty smart.  And there's a lot of people out there they will tell you they're pretty smart.  But, the wisest of all man doesn't compare to the wisdom of God and our wisest people, that wisest man that ever walked the earth scripture gives us that's probably Salomon.  The wisest man was absolutely foolish compare to God, but what you also see is that the things of God to this world are absolutely foolish.  We talked about that a little a couple of nights ago that people don't understand the things of God and if they don't understand the things of God, they're going to think that it's foolish.  But the idea is that, if this world things they are smart and you know, the bible says that God is smart, we look at a little predicament here, because we've got to make a choice to deicide, which one is right, which one is wise, which one is foolish.  And I'm just going to go ahead and guess that most of you are going to agree that God is clearly wiser than man, but what do you need to do in order to be wise also.  What do we have to do and although it sounds kind of funny what the scriptures says is that we need to become foolish.  Now, it doesn't sound like a great idea, the Greek word here, I'm by far a no Greek scholar, but the Greek word here for a fool is morocs or moros, which is where we get the word moron.  I looked up the definition of the word moron and it said it's defined as a person who is notably stupid I hate that word, notably stupid or lacking in good judgment.  I don't want people to think that of me, but I think that's what God has called me to do.  In the eyes of this world that may look at me and say, I don't understand why he goes to church.  I don't understand why he puts his faith in a God that, that I can't see.  I don't know why puts his money in an offerings letter.  I don't know why he spends his time helping others, I don't know why he spend so much time reading his bible or praying or doing something and I don't understand and so to them, that seems foolish, I'm okay with them thinking I'm foolish because I do those things and I hope that you feel the same way.  If someone thinks that's foolish, if this world wants to claim that me believing in my God.  If they want to think that, that's foolish, if they want to think that me living like Christ is foolish, I'm okay with that too.  See to the world the things that causes us to trust in God are absolutely stupid, foolish, unwise in the eyes of this world.  They don't understand the virgin birth.  If you haven't heard anything about Christianity, if you haven't anything about the bible and someone told you that, you’d be a little wondering what's going on too.  It's confusing.  People don't understand the resurrection, they don't understand eternal life, they don't understand eternal death, but when you realize that you're a lost sinner and that you need to be saved from that death and the only thing that can make that happen is believing in the one true God and his one true son.  It doesn't matter if people think you're foolish.  Although it sounds funny, Paul is telling these people that you need to be foolish in the eyes of this world.  Don't get so caught up on what other people think or what other people say.  Don't get caught up in that and that's where he goes on a little bit further here.  Look at verse 21, verse 21, reads so then, no more boosting about men.  All things are yours, whether Paul or a Apollos, he's going back into this Paul or a Apollos thing and he's challenged them, where is your devotion.  Are you spending all your time trying to please other people?  Are you trying to please someone else?  Are you trying to please other servants?  Are you trying to please people in the church, people outside the church, your boss, your friend, your parents, it's easy to do to get caught up in making sure that we please other people and that other people are happy, like I told you Sunday morning that I like to be liked, am I doing things that are wrong just because I want people to like me?  We can't do that, we can't try to go out there and get other people to like us and then drop what we believe and not stand for what's right, but he looks at these people and he's telling them that you are looking for ways to cause problems.  You're going out of your way to make things bad.  Quit putting your devotion towards men and focus on God and what he asks of you, in Mark 9 the disciples come to Jesus and they talk about these people that are talking about Jesus and doing things but, they never met and they haven't been with them before and these men are like should we stop them, Jesus says if they're for us, if they're not against us, they're for us, if they are for us, they're not against us.  We're working on the same team.  We got to build each other up and not tear each other down.  People that are of Christ, those that are in Chris those are in God, we're working together for one thing.  And so, Paul is challenging these folks and he's telling them and he's not, he's not holding back.  He's telling them the way it is, you guys aren't getting it you guys are going about it wrong.  You're too focused on things of this world.  You're being too worldly and it's time for you to grow up, it's time for you to grow, it's time for you to become the people that God wants you to be.  It's time for you to be servants, it's time for you to go out, it's time for you to do these things and he gives them a little bit of warning and he gives them a little bit of preparation as you go out, make sure that you're building people up, not tearing them down.  Make sure that you're not falling into the deceptive wisdom of this world.  Make sure you're standing by what is true and what is right.  Standing on the information that Christ shared with you.  That I shared with you, don't listen to these other folks that are trying to get things wrong and don't put your devotion in other people, don't put your devotion in men or women.  He offers these warnings, just as the little joke in the beginning of the preachers holding signs, he hands a warning out to you and those that don't take heed.  Those that fall into those traps fall into those problems, the road they're on leads to destruction.  We've got a solid foundation.  God gave us a solid foundation, Jesus Christ.  We are to build his church, build his people, build our life build our faith.  Go on live as Christ lived.

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